what happens if plan a doesn't work out?


Helping you keep what is yours

Tax Planning

Pretty much everyone mutters and curses come April 15th. However if you keep doing the same thing each year, what makes you think the results are going to be different?

Tax Problem Solving

Did you get a love letter from the IRS that ruined your whole day? Is the IRS hitting you with a lien, levying your wages? Don’t stick your head in the sand, call us.

Asset Protetction

So you’ve busted your butt your whole life and are finally building up assets. How would one law suit affect you? What if the government wanted to hit you with fines or penalties? Could you withstand the hit?

Estate Planning

60% of people haven’t taken the time to create a will or trust. If you don’t create an estate plan who is going to create that plan for you? The government?


Our job is to protect you
Remember the definition of insanity?

Must of us have tried to do the right thing. We've followed the advice of our professional advisors, but at the end of the day it seems like the only ones getting ahead are the one's making the rules. Don't you think its about time that you started making the rules for your financial future?

  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning

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Formal education and real life experience
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Tim Berry

I’ve been helping people solve their tax and legal problems for well over 20 years. What really sets me apart is my ability to bring creative solutions to your situation. Read the blog, watch the videos, I’ll let my ideas speak for themselves.


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