Asset Protection for your Web Site

Today I saw that the IRS is going to be auctioning off someone’s website domain names.  Apparently what happened is the there was an IRS levy on the taxpayer, the taxpayer happened to own the domain names, and the IRS took the domain names over. The domain names had broad appeal and I’m sure they[…]

Pre emptive protection of assets

As a bit of a follow up from my prior post about the the government seeking forfeiture for 9 million in allegedly fraudulent loans, here’s a pearl from a civil forfeiture action the government lost: The idea to go after the Motel Caswell sprung from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the trial revealed. The DEA has[…]

Could the feds come after you next?

Yeah, the title is a bit of scaremongering, whatever that is.  I’m a big believer that our government entities would love for everyone to have broken some law. That way if the person pipes up and argues about something it will be relatively easy to ruin the persons credibility, and if they continue to make[…]

Middle Class Asset Protection

Just read a post on Forbes about asset protection.  Not sure if I understood what the author was trying to say as they started off talking about asset protection scams and then seemed to suggest that buying an umbrella insurance policy was the simplest, most affordable asset protection. If I did “get” what the author[…]

How to title real estate owned by a Trust

There’s an old adage that,”trusts don’t own property, trustees own the property”.  What I neglected to mention is that adage is only old amongst knowledgable trust attorneys, if you asked the average person or generalist attorney it is doubtful they would be aware of the distinction. Well, that lack of knowledge could come back to haunt/cost[…]