Why you need asset protection

  • Tim 

Lets say you’re a successful surgeon. You are a money making machine, a large part of the machine is you do a lot of advertising.

Somewhere along the line a government bureaucrat hears your advertising and says you aren’t giving all the required disclosures with your medical advertising. (You know those inane, rapid comments after drug commercials?)

The bureaucrat then sent a letter to the FDA raising concerns on the advertising and the FDA contacted you with the concerns. What would you do? More than likely what your real world counter part did, had the matter over to your attorney. It appears that happened in this case and the FDA was of the opinion that the attorney lied to the FDA. Here’s more background. http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-9th-circuit/1722918.html

What do you think the next step on the part of the FDA should be? In the real world the government seized a number of accounts, some offshore, with a value of over $100 million. Not sure this was directly related to the FDA case but it sure is coincidental timing. By the way here is a transcript of the surgeon’s attorney in court asking for the money back. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/2063981-get-thin-seizure-transcript.html The court is a bit abrupt with the attorney, saying it didn’t care about the facts of the case. If $100 million was taken from me I would want the world to know about the background facts.

Did the surgeon get charged with anything first? Doesn’t appear to be the case. I tried to research some more but a lot of the records were sealed.

Let this sink in. The government seized over a hundred million dollars, the parties weren’t charged with any crimes when the money was seized, and the a number of the records regarding the case have been sealed. Sounds legit right? By the way in most of these asset forfeiture cases the money isn’t available to pay for attorneys to fight the case.

This is exactly why you need to make sure you have a rainy day fund. America loves the under dog. However the moment you become successful it seems that everyone is gunning for you.