Personal Liability for a California LLC’s taxes

A few years back I did a video ( on whether a corporation owner was liable for the California taxes that the corporation owed.  It was based upon the Ralite/Raylite case. For years everyone has been saying that the same logic would apply for a California LLC.  That is to say that so long as[…]

You really want a Nevada corporation?

Nevada corporations and taxes, the two are perceived to be mutually exclusive.  However just this week the Nevada legislature passed some new laws raising taxes to the tune of a few billion. Want to set up a Nevada corporation?  Now you are going to have to pay a license fee of $500/ year.  Add resident[…]

No taxes with Nevada corporations, right?

On an hourly basis southern californians are bombarded with radio ads extolling the virtues of Nevada corporations. One of the bigger benefits claimed is tax free nature of Nevada. I guess it really comes down to the definition of what is a tax. I say this as right now the governor of Nevada is pushing[…]