If you filed bankruptcy tomorrow. . .

what do you think you would actually be able to keep?


Chances are you have worked hard to build up your assets.  You really need to make sure they can’t be taken away.


Tax Problems

I've helped a number of people negotiate their tax debt with the IRS.

Estate Planning?

What happens if you are disabled or get dementia? Who will take over?

Legal Entities

Let me guess, you have a llc? Series LLC? You deserve better.

About Me

I’ve been an attorney since 1997.  Over the years I’ve dealt with a lot of different situations and have helped thousands of people. 

In particular I’ve been on both sides, I’ve helped people who have decided to go through bankruptcy and I’ve been hired by bankruptcy trustees to go after people’s assets. 

Questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it really doesn’t.  In the case of real estate, there are very simple ways to get asset protection by just adding a couple of sentences to your deed.

All the concepts we use have been around for hundreds of years and are typically used for estate planning.

Just contact us and let us know what you are looking to do.  Chances are we can create an effective plan for you in a short time.

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